SAMBA digest 1836

Sarma Seetamraju sarma at
Sat Oct 10 18:40:03 GMT 1998

samba goes through the trouble of converting the IP numbers x.y.z.a into
names.You can use 'nslookup' command on LINUX (not available on win95/98)
wherein you can type in the name and it will give you the IP address.
Then go to any of the win95/98 machines and do your nbstat command.
If the netbios name you get is DIFFERENT from the %m portion of the
log file (log.%m) then you have a serious problem.
If they match, then you found your answer to your question below in

> Subject: Resolving from ip to get a netbeui name ???
> I am very interested in resolving from ip to netbeui as you can do with
> nbtstat from a 95 box:
> nbtstat -A  (when it works)
> will return the netbeui name of the box with that ip.
> Since something similar is happening since the log.%m stores the machine
> name can you get this info out of samba from the command line??????

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