fallback password mechanism ?

Herbert Rosmanith herp at wildsau.idv.uni-linz.ac.at
Sat Oct 10 17:27:01 GMT 1998


we are running a server in a mixed environment, where encrypted (98/NT)
and non-encrypted passwords (95) are used. I've now configured smbd
to use encrypted passwords ("encrypt password" in smbd.conf) and was
relieved to see that non-encrypted passwords work, too.

however, at the server side (linux2.0.35, smb-1.9.18p10), one has to
add all users in the samba-password file. I'd like to request the
following feature, which I call "fallback mechanism":

If a non-encrypted password is received from smbd, and it cannot find
it in the samba-password, it could try to find it in /etc/passwd,
like it did before without "encrypted passwords". this way, this would
save us to contact every user ( ~ 200 people) and tell them their
new standard password or assign a new password.

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