win98 vs win95 with TCP/IP

Dr Hugh Nelson hugh.nelson at
Sat Oct 10 07:23:29 GMT 1998

I have been disappointed that I can't use Linux+Samba as an 
alternative to a Win9x or NT server for our GP medical practice.
The software we need runs in win9x.
We crave stability.  But Linux+Samba is just much slower as a file 

I understand that win95 tcp/ip is part of the problem, and it is 
possible to get MTU-Speed to tweak it,   but it just adds to the 
complexity, and as my patients say "I am just a GP".

I notice that when you do a bare install of Win98, that the 
networking defaults to TCP/IP.
Is it possible that Win98 does TCP/IP properly and might be faster 
than win95 as a tcp/ip workstation client??

Grateful for any feedback.


Hugh Nelson.
Dr Hugh Nelson <hugh.nelson at>
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