Florian G. Pflug fgp at fgp.priv.at
Thu Oct 8 22:17:50 GMT 1998


I get this mailing-list as a digest (as everyone does, i guess). This is
quite inconvinient for answering single questions.. I every digest there is
a message with Subject: Re: Samba dingest <NR>... This makes it hard to keep
track about whath message the replay is ment for. 
Another problem is, that mime-attachments don´t seem to work. This is
especially bad, because some Microsoft Mail-Clients send messages both as
plain text and html.. 
If the mailing list was distributed as singel messages, 
.) people could user attachments (for logfiles, smb.conf, pgp, ...). This would
help reading the messages.
.) It would be easier and faster to answer a question - and quote the old
.) Mail-readers which support threading would display things VERY easy to

Maybe sending the digest as a singe message could be implemented as on
option... maybe 
subscribe samba-digest Firstname Lastname     for digest


subscribe samba-single Firstname Lastname     for single-message

                                                      mfg, fgp

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