Installing shared Windoze executables on a Samba share (fwd)

Craig Fischer CraigF at
Thu Oct 8 18:43:01 GMT 1998

Visio's install program use the GetVolumnInformation() API  to check for
long filename support.  The docs say that if the value 255 is returned, then
the (FAT/NTFS) file system supports long filenames.  For various reasons, it
actually checks for this return value to be >= 240 in order for there to be
long filename support.

Samba has a hard-coded return value of 128 (see trans2.c, somewhere around
line 1100), thus the failure.  I suppose you could change this value to 240
and recompile Samba, but I really wouldn't recommend that since it would
probably cause other catastrophic problems.


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		I've got a Samba server here that runs great!  I've got an
NT machine on
		my laptop and I can interface with the Samba server directly
in any way
		I want, except for one thing:

		When I try to install a program (Visio) as a network shared
app, the
		installation always tells me "I've determined that the
target drive
		doesn't support long file names" after I choose to install
to the Samba
		share.  This is obviously ubll, but how do I convince the

		I've tried fiddling around with "mangled names", "preserve
case", "short
		preserve case", etc. (I've read the manpage and looked in
		/usr/doc/examples directory for some clues ...)

		Any ideas?  I notice that the Samba share has "Filesystem:
Samba" when I
		look at its properties in Explorer ... do I need to change

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