Win95 SP1

Steve Resnick steve at
Thu Oct 8 16:30:07 GMT 1998

I installed the Windoze 95 service pack 1 yesterday for nothing related to
my lan. 
Actually, I'm *quite* happy with my samba set up -- it even allowed me to
network my HP DeskJet which HP says wont run on a network (making a
thmub-to-nose gesture towards 
Palo Alto) 

What I did find is a nifty little tool which tells me what was updated
including this
little item: 
	UPD006: Vredir update for Samba UNIX Servers

But it doesn't describe what this does or why I needed it... Out of curiosity
does anyone know what this puppy is for? 



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Let us be charitable, people. M$ now has multi-user technology 
that is not quite up to RSX11 (1970's), so don't castigate them 
for being a year or so late on current technologies.
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