"unix password sync" and RedHat 5.1

Christian Barth BARTH at cck.uni-kl.de
Thu Oct 8 18:02:53 GMT 1998


I'm trying to use 

 unix password sync = true

on an Intel-RedHat 5.1 samba server, because I want to have one
program (e.g. smbpasswd on the unix comand prompt) to change unix
and "encrypted samba" passwords; changing passwords from clients is 
nice but secondary.

I used
 LIBSM = -lnsl -lcrypt 
in the Makefile of samba 1.9.18p10 and 
 unix password sync = True
 debug level = 100
 passwd chat =  *New*password* %n\n *new*password* %n\n *updated*
 passwd chat debug = true
 passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
 encrypt passwords = yes
in smb.conf

Sometimes this works good, e.g. both passworts are changed with 
But mostly the following happens:
 [barth2 at fbk bin]$ smbpasswd
 Realloc asked for 0 bytes
 ./smbpasswd: machine rejected the password change: Error 
 was : The specified password is invalid.

and in log.smb:
 get_smbpwd_entry: found by name: barth2
 get_smbpwd_entry: returning passwd entry for user barth2, uid 500
 Password change for user: barth2pty: try to open ptya0, line was /dev/ptyXX
 pty: opened /dev/ptya0
 Dochild for user barth2 (uid=0,gid=0)
 talktochild: chatbuf=[*New*password*] responsebuf=[New UNIX password: ]
 talktochild: sendbuf=[xxxxxxxxxx
 talktochild: chatbuf=[*new*password*] responsebuf=[
 Retype new UNIX password: ]
 talktochild: sendbuf=[xxxxxxxxxx
 talktochild: chatbuf=[*updated*] responsebuf=[
 passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully
 The process exited while we were waiting

 (xxxxxxxxx are blanked passworts, I used other for testing)

What happens is, that the unix password is changed, like it is said 
in the log. But the samba password remains unchanged, like said at 
the command prompt.

I thought this may be related to the choosen passwords, but this 
wasn't reproduceable (and I think the passwords have been quite good)

It doesn't make a differenz if I include
 # This is for PAM authentication. RedHat Linux uses PAM.
 # If you use PAM, then uncomment the following lines:
 PAM_LIBS = -ldl -lpam
in the Makefile or not.

Any Ideas?



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