SAMBA digest 1836

Daryl L. Biberdorf darylb at
Thu Oct 8 11:57:48 GMT 1998

>we are pretty sure to have our Samba version 1.9.18p10 configured for
>running a logon.bat which mounts a SMB filesystem on Win95 client logon.
>Funnily enough we see the message "Win NT logon script: Executing logon
>script" but obviously this is not actually true, as the filesystem is not
>mounted after this message box (a DOS box flashes up briefly as well)...

The DOS box you're seeing shows the batch file (logon.bat) as it's
executing. I wasn't sure from your message, but it sounds as if
your NET USE isn't working. If not, can you run it from the
command line (DOS prompt) on the Win 95 client? If there's an
error, what is it?

Daryl Biberdorf		darylb at

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