[NOT SUBJECT] need information about Profiles for multiple users

Michel Applaincourt Michel.Applaincourt at umh.ac.be
Wed Oct 7 09:48:11 GMT 1998

Ok here is my problem :
I have several computers and hundred users who use them.
I configured a Linux Samba server so each user has his own profile
(USER.DAT and such things) on server...
for Windows 95 to take profile on server I had to use Policies, to have a
registry key in :

for EACH USER , telling where to get profile.

The problem is that template for policies (Admin.adm) can get bigger than
I guess 64Kb. So I reach that limit and can't get new users.

Does anyone know about a registry key which permit me to specify a default
profile path for all user. One kee => all users configured. (because the
profile path is always the same for all users, h:\profile , and h is
smbmouted following the user.

Or does anyone made this other way that permit to use profiles and have as
much users as you want...


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