samba and dhcp problem

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Tue Oct 6 20:18:14 GMT 1998


If I understand your situation corretly, you have all your pcs connected to
a hub (via rj-45?) which is also the cable-modem that connects you to your
provider. The clients get their ip-address thru dhcp from the provider.

Normally (at least with win95) pc connected to the SAME ethernet can only
"speak" to each other correctly if they are in the same subnet - if they are
not, all the traffic will go thru your cable-modem which is of course slow.

With Linux or FreeBSD you can simply do the following:
I assume PC1 has (netmask
and PC2 has (netmask

Then you add BOTH nets on BOTH PC:
route add -net lo (i guess everyone has a loopback device...)
route add -net eth0
route add -net eth0
route add default gateway <whatever your gateway ist> eth0

I guess with Win95 you can do the same, but win95 identifies interfaces not
with eth0, eth1 like linux (i guess freebsd is similar) does, but via the
ip-address of the interface. I never tried to manually add routes in win95,
but there is a program called route with should enable you to do this.

Have a lot of fun with 95...

                                                greetings, fgp

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