Is there a reason...

Eric Warnke eric at
Tue Oct 6 15:14:16 GMT 1998

>That smbpasswd doesn't obey the smb passwd file option in the smb.conf
>file? I've got the pre-compiled binaries for RedHat, version 1.19.8p10 and
>I'm just shifting from security = share to security = user. I tried to move
>the password file from /etc to /etc/samba, so that it would be in a
>root-only directory (as recommended by encryption.txt) and I've just found
>out that smbpasswd, at least when using the -a option, won't access the
>file anywhere other than /etc (which is what it was compiled with).
>Is there a good reason for this? Or is it a bug? Or have I just done
>something boneheaded that made it fail?
>Any input is appreciated.

Sounds like you are still using the old smbpasswd.  Look to see if you have
two version of smbpasswd kicking around in diffrent directories.  Also make
sure you have the exact location of the smbpasswd file in the smb.conf that
is being used.


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