Is there a reason...

Michael Kohne mhkohne at
Tue Oct 6 13:21:13 GMT 1998

That smbpasswd doesn't obey the smb passwd file option in the smb.conf
file? I've got the pre-compiled binaries for RedHat, version 1.19.8p10 and
I'm just shifting from security = share to security = user. I tried to move
the password file from /etc to /etc/samba, so that it would be in a
root-only directory (as recommended by encryption.txt) and I've just found
out that smbpasswd, at least when using the -a option, won't access the
file anywhere other than /etc (which is what it was compiled with). 

Is there a good reason for this? Or is it a bug? Or have I just done
something boneheaded that made it fail?

Any input is appreciated.

Michael Kohne
mhkohne at
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