samba and 2 network cards

Frank Wornle fwo at
Tue Oct 6 12:53:57 GMT 1998

Could anybody maybe help me out with the following problem:

I am currently trying to network a lab with WIN3.1 machines using a linux
box running samba. The lab's LAN is supposed to provide user accounts as
well as offer shared access to a printer hanging off the server. To avoid
performance problems due to too much network traffic, we don't want our
network section to be connected to the universities backbone. However, for
administrative purposes, I would like to be able to access the server via a
second ethernet card.
Can samba handle 2 different interfaces (eth0, eth1) and how do I have to
set-up the server's routing table (static routing) to allow me to connect
to the server without directly linking the 2 networks?

I would be grateful for any hint that points me into the right direction,

Frank Wornle
Glasgow Caledonian University

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