Browsing across sub-nets with Dial-Up Networking

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Tue Oct 6 01:12:09 GMT 1998

Forgive me if this is a FAQ, but I just can't seem to get it to work...

I have an internal network with an NT Server running as a PDC and a WINS Server.  I have a Linux box serving as a dial-in ISP provider and firewall to the internet.  I have Win-95, Win-98, and Win-NT Workstation users dialing in to the Linux box.  We want the remote users to be able to browse the in-house network.  The simplified configuration looks like this (I've left off the internet connection and the other modems):

              |      in-house network      |
              |  |
                    |  Linux Server  |
                    | |
                    |                |
                    +----------------+      +----------------+
                    |     Modem 1    |<---->|   Windows PC   |
                    |   | PPP  |   Dial-in Link |  
                    +----------------+      | |

I have firewall rules and routing set up to allow access from to my internal network (  In other words, I can ping, telnet and directly access any PC or Unix server on the internal network from my dial-in PCs.  I also have all PC's on the network pointing to the same WINS server (including the Dial-In PCs).  The only thing that doesn't work is browsing from the dial-in PCs!!! Browsing works fine in-house.

As far as I can tell, I have to set up a Samba server as a Local Master Browser for the 192.168.2 sub-net.  I've done this (I think! :-) ) and used tcpdump to watch the packets that go by.  I've got different results for different machines.  The Win 98 machine broadcasts to looking for a browse list.  After two tries, it comes back with an error stating that browsing is not available.  The Win NT Dial-in PC comes back with a single entry in the browse list -- itself!!.  I'm not even sure anymore what the Win 95 PC's do... 

I just want access to my domains and workgroups in the in-house network.  

Can someone please E-Mail or post the exact settings I need to make to get this working?  What needs to be set in smb.conf, what needs to be set in the routing tables, and what needs to be set on the PCs?  I'm getting desperate 8-/ !


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