Network Neighbourhood shows dual workgroups.

George Farris george at
Mon Oct 5 21:39:21 GMT 1998

We have a network here with Samba running as a WINS server and
is the domain master browser.  The network also consists of a
couple of Novell 3.11 servers.  Our Windows 95 stations have
IPX and TCP/IP configured, NETBIOS is NOT enabled for IPX.
The Windows 95 stations have the WINS server IP address typed
in manually as is the IP address for the machine.  The DNS is
properly configured to resolve addresses.

We also have one samba machine configured as a client.

A couple of the Windows 95 stations are configured to share
the printers that they have attached to them.

The workgroup is CC_ADMIN.  However when I bring up Network
Neighbourhood (NN) I see two CC_ADMIN workgroups.  One has the 
samba server and the other samba client in it.  The other has
all the Windows 95 machines in it.

I can see the two samba machines with smbclient but I can't see
any of the Windows 95 machines with smbclient.

My question is why does this workgroup of the same name show up
twice and why can't I see the Windows 95 machines that belong to
the same workgroup?

I've perused all the documentation that I can think of and read
the manual pages but come up blank.  This one sems to have the
best of me.

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions?

Platform is Linux - RedHat 4.2 - Samba 1.9.18p7.

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