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On Sun, 4 Oct 1998 13:21:38, Joa Oliver <i139 at stio1.fh-wuerzburg.de> wrote

> Hi, 
> I have set up samba to enable Domain-Logons for windows95/98.
> I am using Samba-1.9.18p7. I have a share netlogon with
> a batchfile for connection network drives. Everything is working.
> But when I create a policies file and put it onto the netlogon
> share windows doesn't use it. I have named it config.pol. Is there
> another special thing to configure?
> I have found archives of this mailinglist, but it is only for   
> online-search. Is there anywhere a offline version for download?
> Thanks

you have to specify to the policy to download manually...
in the policy, with the normal template file (admin.adm), open the
registry of the computer you want to use config.pol.

(following will be approwimate, because i have poledit in french)
Local computer -> network -> update (last line) -> Remote update

the active remote update. 
choose manual mode , and specify the path to the config.pol file :

save the registry

edit the config.pol file and do the same.

You are there...

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