Suggested 2.0.x version for PDC?

mathog at mathog at
Sat Oct 3 21:58:07 GMT 1998

I tried building the 2.0.x alpha from the CVS site on our new Linux box -
but no joy.  It allowed  WNT 4sp3 boxes to mount a share using the domain
username/password, but it wouldn't let users log onto the consoles of the
WNT boxes using the same domain username/password combinations.  (The log
file from the interaction was not very useful - it was created for each
machine which tried, but had zero bytes written into it!)  The smb.conf
file was copied over verbatim from an SGI which was running a 1.9.19 alpha,
which worked nicely as a PDC, and we fell back to using that Samba server
when 2.0.0 alpha wouldn't work. 

I see that there are several different 2.0.x alpha .tar.gz files on the
samba site, can anybody suggest which of these, if any, I should try
next on our Linux server?  Or maybe suggest what went wrong with the
2.0.x CVS when used with a known good (as of 1.9.19) smb.conf file.
Failing that, the next thing I'm going to try is to build the 1.9.19
samba on the Linux box.


David Mathog
mathog at
Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

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