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Matthew Geier matthew at
Sat Oct 3 14:17:03 GMT 1998

> From: Andrew Logan <aml at>
> Subject: Re-How to enable domain logon from NT workstation
> Message-ID: <98Oct2.145422gmt.28674 at>
> Hi,
> worked fine. I followed the instructions in Samba NT Domain FAQ 
> apart from the use of encrypted passwords which I don't want to use. 

 You dont have any choice...

> Yes, I've enabled plain text passwords on the NT Workstation and 
> added an entry into smbpasswd and /etc/passwd on the server.

 The 'workstation' trust account only speaks NT encrypted passwords.
With out it, the machine can log it self in, and it cant do the domain

 The repeated asking for passwords for each share is a similar problem,
if you turn encrpted passwords off, NT will not cache the password and
for each share you connect to, the password prompt appears.

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