bind failed on port 139 error in log.smb???

Anh T. Nguyen atnguyen at
Fri Oct 2 19:29:25 GMT 1998

I just install samba.1.9.18p10 version on my Solaris 2.6.

Our network setup: the SAMBA server is on the same network with my NT
Server PDC and NT workstation within PDC domain.  I also have another
subnet that have WinNT and Win95.  We also use NIS domain server for our
UNIX home user account. 

   workgroup = NTPDC_NAME
   server string = SMBSERVER_NAME
   host allow = ....
   load printers = yes

   username map = /opt/samba-1.9.18p10/lib/

I started the smbd and nmbd, and verified the ./var/log.smb and log.nmb.
The log.smb has an error message
   bind failed on port 139 socket_addr= (Address already in use)

- modified /etc/services in my NIS home server per samba instruction:
   netbios-ssn 139/tcp
   netbios-ns  137/udp
- modified /etc/inetd.conf in my SAMBA server
   netbios-ssn stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd smbd
   netbios-ns  dgram  udp nowait root /usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd nmbd


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