Network Is Busy

Michael Joyner mjoyner at
Fri Oct 2 16:19:07 GMT 1998

You have a DNS setup problem on the server running SAMBA.
Make sure that resolv.conf, etc is setup so that it does NOT take
a long time for it to decide that a client's ip does not have a host
name attached.  Apparantly it takes to long if say, the first ip#
in the resolv.conf is not available, even though the second one
is available, and you get Network Is Busy, I had this happen
to me, had resolv.conf pointed to NS over a modem link.
Modem went down, suddenly no one could print... :)
I went nuts, (even deleted and re-installed thinking corruption?)
but, have now setup BIND/NAMED on a local box, and have
all local machines pointed to that instead.  Problem went away
after then rebooting unix box (FreeBSD btw)

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