Re-How to enable domain logon from NT workstation

Andrew Logan aml at
Fri Oct 2 14:55:50 GMT 1998


This is really a follow on from Sandie's (shui at 
problem of using samba to act as a domain logon server for NT 
Workstation 4. 
I have tried using samba2alpha8 (on Linux 2.0) and have failed to 
get the domain logon working from NT Workstation although Windows98 
worked fine. I followed the instructions in Samba NT Domain FAQ 
apart from the use of encrypted passwords which I don't want to use. 
Yes, I've enabled plain text passwords on the NT Workstation and 
added an entry into smbpasswd and /etc/passwd on the server.
When I tried to change the domain on the workstation to PDC (the 
workgroup/domain of the samba server) the following entry appeared 
in log.nmb:

[1998/10/01 11:49:24,1 ] 
 process_logon_packet: Logon from code 7

And the workstation complained that there was a problem with the 
account - so I did't even get past first base with this.

When windows98 logs in successfully the message in log.nmb is:

 process_logon_packet: Logon from code 0

I would dearly like to get this working as the alternative is bad , 
REAL bad - NT Server :-((((((((((((((((
Doing the authentication on Unix will keep things much simpler for 

So solving this would keep this an NT-Server free zone.

Thanks for any help

Andy Logan
Systems Programmer
aml at

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