Win95 and mixed case passwords (1.9.18p8)

Mac dmccann at
Fri Oct 2 08:56:42 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I've just tripped over a problem I thought only existed in WfWg3.11.

On Win95 clients connecting to a 1.9.18p8 Samba server (IRIX 5.3) the
first logon dialog box seems to have a problem with mixed-case

If I have a  lower case password, then I can just enter it in the Win95
'Microsoft Network' logon dialog at startup, and all the shares are

If I have a mixed-case password, then entering it seems not to work, and
each share that is reconnected prompts me for a password.  In these
dialog boxes my mixed-case password _does_ work and the share connects

I have Password-Caching disabled on the Win95 client, and Samba is not
using encrypted passwords.  Also Samba is set not to try any
combinations of upper or lowre case in passwords, so I'm assuming that
Win95 is not passing the password case-preserved from the inital logon
dialog, but I'd like confimation.

Can anyone help?

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