Does anyone have Samba working with diald

Eric Warnke eric at
Fri Oct 2 01:46:01 GMT 1998

>I can not seem to get Samba and diald working together. Whenever I log
>in to my Windows 95 computer and it tries to map my drives to the Samba
>server diald dials and then the drive does not map. If I wait a minute
>or so and then right click on Network Neighborhood and do a find
>computer my Samba server shows up. I can than log on to Windows again
>and it maps the drive fine. Or I can unload diald and Samba works fine.

Arghhh... I pulled my hair out about a year and a half ago on the same
problem.  You have to turn off in the registry of the Win95 computer netbios
name resolution via DNS.  You are also probably seeing diald act up when you
boot your 95 box, as it queries some really unusual DNS names based on your
domain information.

I Don't know the exact key name, but any good Win95 networking docs should
have the key listed.  You should also set up DNS caching.

Hope that helps.


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