Funnies with SCO 5.04

Tony N tonynich at
Fri Oct 2 00:08:24 GMT 1998

Just thought Im mention a few interesting things I've noticed when using 
samba p10 version with SCO UNIX openserver 5. This was compiled with 

1) In the passwd chat strings, you can't use "" (Inverted commas). I 
spent quite some time debugging until I tried removing them - and 
suddenly everything started working.
2) When attempting a unix password sync, SAMBA attempts to open 
/dev/ttyp0.... ttyp9 to open a session. No higher. So if those devices 
are being used (ie: by users with telnet connections) the password 
change fails. This is even though devices up to ttyp99 are there. This 
is a hassle for us.

Any comments or suggestions?

Tony Nichols

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