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Jasper van der Neut jasper at
Mon Nov 30 18:47:04 GMT 1998

At 04:41 1-12-98 +1100, Florian G. Pflug wrote:
>On Mon, Nov 30, 1998 at 06:54:38AM +1100, Dave Kirkby wrote:
>> > After performing the reg edit
>> > and configuring TCP/IP and creating the smbpasswd (haven't converted
>> to
>> > encrypted though), I can see the unix host just fine.  The problem
>> > comes when the NT 4 workstations (I have no NT servers) try to access
>> > the shares.  The server ALLWAYS asks me for account and password.
>> As far as I know, NT will  always asks for passwords, unless you have
>> set up encrypted ones, which is pretty easy to do. Hence its not
>> supprising you have this problem.
>> BUT (and its a big but), my NT workstation still asks for the passwords
>> even though I have set up encrypted passwords. So if anyone else can
>> throw any light on this, I too would be interested.
>The exactly same happened to me.. I think winnt saved the information that
>the server uses unecrypted passwords and is "unsafe" somewher in
>the registry and therefor switching to encrypted passwords doesn't prevent
>nt from asking for the password every time.
>One another machine I installed nt after swiching to encrypted password and
>I doesn't ask for the password every time

NT also doesn't like the 'security = share'. In my experience 'security =
in conjuction with 'map to guest = bad user' or 'map to guest = bad password'
is the option to stop NT from asking for a password.

Good luck,


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