Virtual CDROM for Unix?

Christian Barth barth at
Mon Nov 30 14:12:03 GMT 1998

> Has anyone implemented a "virtual cdrom" facility as offered
> on
> windows?  That is CD images are cached & compressed on hard
> disk and shared across a network. See:
> I have not found any news of a Unix solution.  I would
> like to offer one on a Linux server to Windows clients.
> It should not be hard to implement with Samba...
I have not tried this but it should work:
You can copy the wohle filesystem of a cd-rom to the linux disk. 
(some thing like cat /dev/cdrom > /../../image)
If it is compiled into the kernel (don't ask for the name of the 
option), you can mount this big file like a normal hard disk (mount 
/.../../image /shares/cdrom1) an then be exported like any other 

O.K. I admind, it is not compressed, ...



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