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Mon Nov 30 17:37:05 GMT 1998

Ariel_Orellana at wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm a begginer with Samba, so I ask you to bear with me.  I realize
> that by now this must have been covered in some documentation or other,
> but I'm just not able to find it, so I'm just asking to be pointed in
> the right direction.
> First, I have HP-UX 10.20, all latest patches with the 1.9.18p10 samba
> release
> I've avoided working with NT as much as possible, alas, I've run out of
> luck.  I received 12 machines with NT 4.  After performing the reg edit
> and configuring TCP/IP and creating the smbpasswd (haven't converted to
> encrypted though), I can see the unix host just fine.  The problem
> comes when the NT 4 workstations (I have no NT servers) try to access
> the shares.  The server ALLWAYS asks me for account and password.  If I
> mount the shares, at startup the server will still ask for the
> password.  It may be pertinent to mention that the Win95 PCs don't have
> any problems.

This seems more to be a problem of NT4 than of SAMBA ...
Could you post the SAMBA-log file and/or the smb.conf file so that we
can try to solve the problem?

best regards

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