Cross subnet browsing

John Twyman J.Twyman at
Mon Nov 30 03:24:31 GMT 1998

Hi all,

My situation:

I have a samba server on one subnet which is currently very happy serving
Win 95/98 clients on the same subnet. I have to allow several Win 95/98
clients on a seperate subnet the ability to use & browse the samba server's

Reading through BROWSING.txt has led me to believe the following should be

(i) The Samba server should be the Domain Master Browser (and the only one
for the workgroup)
(ii) The Samba server should be the local master browser for its subnet
(iii) On each subsequent subnet there should be a local master browser
which uses the Domain Master Browser as its WINS server (so that it can
send its browse list to the Samba server)

My smb.conf contains the following:


wins support = yes
domain master = yes
local master = yes
preferred master = yes
remote announce =


By my understanding this smb.conf allows for the Samba server to meet the
first two requirements stated above. The remote announce line contains the
subnet that the Samba server is within, and the additional subnet that will
have clients requiring browsing access to the Samba box.

Now I have to setup a local master browser for the additional subnet. This
is to be a Win 95/98 machine. Providing I've understood BROWSING.txt
correctly (i.e. my config of the Samba box is correct) this is the only
real step I have to worry about now. My real question then is "how do I
configure a Win 95/98 machine to act as a local master browser in a subnet?"

Thanks in advance,


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