Letter case not preserved

Fred Viles fv at episupport.com
Mon Nov 30 02:21:34 GMT 1998

On 30 Nov 98, at 8:06, Ben Kelley wrote about
    "Re: Letter case not preserved":

| This is not a bug.

Depends on your definition of "bug", I guess.  It does not work as 

|   The default action (so I've found out) is to force "short"
| names (ones that fit into 8.3) to the default case.

If they fit in 8.3 *and* are all uppercase, according to the man page 
for smb.conf.  But the code was not checking for all-uppercase.

|        If you set "short preserve
| case = yes" then short file name are not forced to the default case.

| With both "preserve case = yes" and "short preserve case = yes" then all files
| created in mixed-case aware apps keep their correct case on the Unix side - even
| for "short" filenames. They don't get forced to their default case with this
| option set.

But files created by non-mixed-case apps (DOS and Win 3.x apps) get 
created in uppercase, which is very non-useful if you want to 
reference these files from the Unix side.

If it is appropriate in your situation to set 
  short preserve case = yes
then the patch is irrelevant.  But if you need to set 
  short preserve case = no 
(as I do), it is useful to have the option behave as documented 
because it will be less often that a case-aware app's file name will 
be incorrectly converted to the default case.

|                 - Ben Kelley.

- Fred Viles <mailto:fv at episupport.com>

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