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Whiffen, Richard whiffen at
Sun Nov 29 21:11:07 GMT 1998


I was wondering if any one had a good method for distributing printer
drivers for samba printers.  The ultimate would be to have the driver
handled by the Samba server ala-NT server.  I read one person's work around
for it in the distribution, but it says it only works for WfW and 95, and
we're running NT on the desk top.  I don't want to have to visit 200+ work
stations every time I upgrade a printer.  Are there any future plans to add
this functionality into the 2.x version?  We currently handle all print
services via an NT 4.0 server.  I'd like to move it to our Unix boxes to
take advantage of our Veritas HA setup.  Anyone else's experience would be
greatly appreciated.


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