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Ariel_Orellana at Ariel_Orellana at
Sat Nov 28 06:47:20 GMT 1998

Hello all,

I'm a begginer with Samba, so I ask you to bear with me.  I realize 
that by now this must have been covered in some documentation or other, 
but I'm just not able to find it, so I'm just asking to be pointed in 
the right direction.

First, I have HP-UX 10.20, all latest patches with the 1.9.18p10 samba 

I've avoided working with NT as much as possible, alas, I've run out of 
luck.  I received 12 machines with NT 4.  After performing the reg edit 
and configuring TCP/IP and creating the smbpasswd (haven't converted to 
encrypted though), I can see the unix host just fine.  The problem 
comes when the NT 4 workstations (I have no NT servers) try to access 
the shares.  The server ALLWAYS asks me for account and password.  If I 
mount the shares, at startup the server will still ask for the 
password.  It may be pertinent to mention that the Win95 PCs don't have 
any problems.
Again, I don't want to make everybody mad out here (I'm still expecting 
my share of RTFMs) =) but I can't seem to find the solution.

BTW, there are loads of data in the archives, but it's not easy finding 
something as general as this when you're a newbie.  I searched for NT 4 
workstation and, as you can guess, got a TON of links but no answer.

Again, all I'm really asking is to be pointed to where to find the info.

Thanks for your patience =)
Ariel Orellana

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