Unix/NT file conversion problems

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Fri Nov 27 17:59:55 GMT 1998

Jim Kendall wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > We are having some problems - the majority of our files require ascii
> > transfers between our unix servers and PCs. They are however being
> > transferred as binary for some reason even though they are just plain
> > text files. This means (when going from unix to pc) the files come down
> > without a carriage return at the end of lines. And when going from pc to
> > unix they end up with  ^M on the end of each line. Anyone have any
> > ideas?
> >
> > TIA
> Hmmmm... I may be wrong, but I dont think I am....
> Anyway, it sounds like you NEED binary mode to transfer these files.

I assume you copy to a *samba* share, *not* using ftp. In samba there is
no explicit binary/ascii mode ...
Nevertheless, when you ftp your file (binary or ascii mode) you will get
the same result due to the different CR/LF <-> NL conventions between
these different operating systems.

> I think it is ASCII mode which is doing the CR/NL conversion to you.
> jim

NO - there is *NO* conversion done here. The file is transmitted as is!

When you copy an MSDOS ascii file to the unix-share ... it is still an
MSDOS file with all the MSDOS conventions and it can be viewed with an
MSDOS editor.

When you view this file with an unix editor, you will see the MSDOS
end-of-line convention ^M.

The only thing I see is:
When you exchange files between these operating systems, you will have
to run some conversion-util on these files.

best regards

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