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Steve Nelson steve at out-of-control.com
Fri Nov 27 04:26:01 GMT 1998

Greetings Fellow Sambaiites!

I have a small problem that I haven't seen addressed in any of the 
forums (have searched the net to no avail!).

I have a small 100 mbit network................using Samba 1.9.18p10 
on a Slack box as the PDC. 

When I initially look in the NN on any Win95,98 and NT boxes, the 
Samba box appears...................when I try to browse the Samba 
shares on the Samba box, there is a delay of approx 2 minutes 
before I am able to see the shares. Once the shares become visible, 
I can browse the shares and perform file operations through the share 
at lightning speed.

The Question?

What might I have set wrong that would cause the initial connect to 
be so slow?

I am using unencrypted pw auth on all boxens..............have applied 
the registry hacks necessary to ensure no encryption.

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