Starting samba under solaris2.6

Andries J. Algera aalgera at
Thu Nov 26 18:27:55 GMT 1998

I compiled samba-1.9.18p10 under solaris-2.6 with gcc-2.8.1.

After compilation and installation, I tries to start up samba and 
was surprised to find that the smbd didn't start up.

I tried to restart with debug level 10 and found the following messages in

Adding chars 0xe7 0xe8 (l->u = True) (u->l = True)
Adding chars 0x9c 0x0 (l->u = False) (u->l = False)
1998/11/26 16:05:25 loaded services
1998/11/26 16:05:25 becoming a daemon
bind succeeded on port 139
open_sockets: listen: Bad file number
Closing connections

By the way, I compiled samba with and without pam, but that doesn't seem
to make a great difference. 

Thanks a lot for your help

Andries Algera
SAIN L4, Lote 4, Ed. IBAMA Sede
70800.200  Brasilia / DF
ph: +5561 316-1326
fax:+5561 223-7108

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