How to stop access to a share in the samba server?

Roberto Joao Lopes Garcia roberto at
Thu Nov 26 11:45:02 GMT 1998

At 12:47 26/11/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> Is there any away to stop access to a mounted SAMBA driver?
>Have You tried to kill the corresponding smbd-processes? This should 
>disconnect the Users and when they reconnect, the share shouldn't be 
>accessible anymore.
Thank You to respond, and let me abouse you a litle more ...

Yes, I know this will work but I have 86 Pcs mount 5 shares eache!

I could be able to stop just one share and leave the others OK! So I must
kill all the smbd-processes and let the user reconect again? Could the
users loose same data with this aproach?

Thank You


>> Thank You 
>Hope this helps,
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