Unix/NT file conversion problems

Jim Kendall jkendall at net1.net
Thu Nov 26 03:32:42 GMT 1998

> Hi
> We are having some problems - the majority of our files require ascii
> transfers between our unix servers and PCs. They are however being
> transferred as binary for some reason even though they are just plain
> text files. This means (when going from unix to pc) the files come down
> without a carriage return at the end of lines. And when going from pc to
> unix they end up with  ^M on the end of each line. Anyone have any
> ideas?

Hmmmm... I may be wrong, but I dont think I am....
Anyway, it sounds like you NEED binary mode to transfer these files.
I think it is ASCII mode which is doing the CR/NL conversion to you.


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