File name in the print command

Miquel Bonastre miquel at
Wed Nov 25 16:24:54 GMT 1998


  I just want to ask you if someone have had this problem,
  if this is a bug, a "feature" or the expected behavior.

  We use Samba 1.9.18p10 on slackware linux as a print server.
  This print server is dedicated to students so we print a 
  banner with every print job in order to be able to distinguish
  the beginning and ending of a students job.

  The problem appears when we try to print the first filename 
  of the job in the banner: we don't have access to this 
  information in the print command. The %s and %f macros give 
  us the spool file name (not the "real" filename). 

  When we print from a Windows 95  the spool file name is
  formet as /printer_path/<client_name>.<ramdom_number>, but
  when we print using smbclient the spool file is 

  My question is:

  - Is there any way to know the original name when we print
  from  Win95?
  - Who choose this name? The samba server or the client?

  Please, if there is anybody who is printing banners and this 
  works for him, tell me which configuration is using 
  (Samba version, system, relevant smb.conf parameters, ...)

  It would be great to have another macro with the filename
  the client knows. 

                            Miquel Bonastre (miquel at
                            Area de Sistemes Unix (LCFIB)
                            Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona
                            Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

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