How to stop access to a share in the samba server?

Roberto Joao Lopes Garcia roberto at
Wed Nov 25 15:22:29 GMT 1998


I am mouving from  PC-NFS to SAMBA and thare are some thinks that I would
like to see in SAMBA.
In NFS, when I do not want a share to be accessible, I just use the
command: unshare /shared/directory

This make the /shared/directory imediataly not accessible. Even by some one
already using it!

I´m using SAMBA 1.9.18p10 in a SUN Solaris 2.5  and i try to change
smb.comf to disable one share, say: /samba/shared/directory but the clients
tha have it mounted in theyer PC´s still having access to
/samba/shared/directory .

Is there any away to stop access to a mounted SAMBA driver?

Thank You 

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