Mounting NT File System from a IRIX machine.

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Wed Nov 25 15:11:15 GMT 1998

> Hello Everybody !
> We have a LAN network consisting mostly of Win NT machines, with a couple
> of Win 95 boxes and a IRIX-based Samba server.
> Is there a way that i can mount the file system of a NT box onto my IRIX box
> ? Can i write directly to a
> NT box from IRIX box ? Do i require NFS for that ?
> Thanks in advance !
> Kanchan Shere,
> Flash Graphics Pvt. Ltd.,
> India.

AFAIK there four ways on Linux (and FreeBSD???), and three on other unixes...
.) You can use smbmount & smbumount - need smbfs support in the kernel which
   I think only Linux and maybe FreeBSD has.

.) There is library libsmb (or something like this). You have to preload
this lib before starting a programm(should also work for bash). This lib
overrides the libc-file-functions. You see in /smb the network as you do in
network neibourhood.

.) There is programm called rumba - I have only heard from this a few times,
but I think it "converts" smb to nfs. So you have to start rumba on the irix
box, which accessed nt via smb. Then you mount this filespace via nfs from
rumba to a local dir.. 

.) Just use smbclient.

                                            mfg, Florian Pflug

local dir - but

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