Problems getting v2.0.0beta2 working under OSF1

Gray, Sue sjgray at
Wed Nov 25 09:11:28 GMT 1998


I've been trying to build the latest beta for testing under Digital unix
without enhanced security.

It builds ok and all the tests run fine until no. 7
smbclient '\\BIGSERVER\TMP'
which returns the error
"tree connect failed code 0"

and trying to map to a directory (using net the net use command) from
the pc with a known username and password it gives error 59.

My hunch is it is comiling in the C2 (enhanced) security as it has
-lsecurity in the LIBS. With the older version you could select the
particular setup you had for OSF1 and the one without enhanced security
didnt include -lsecurity.

Anyone have any ideas how to stop this?


Sue Gray
sjgray at

Network Analyst

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