Can't see/delete invalid symlinks from winnt client

Joshua Chamas chamas at
Wed Nov 25 03:02:02 GMT 1998


I am just starting to use Samba and have run into a snag of
sorts.  Basically, when browsing from a client, I can't
see invalid symlinks...

This comes up, when I issue a delete on a samba serviced
Solaris folder from a WinNT client.  The folder
begins to be deleted until it hits a symlink that 
references part of the folder that is already deleted,
and now points to nothing.

The client coughs up an error: 
  Can't remove folder perl: Cannot create a file when 
  that file already exists.
On the client end, I can't see the symlink by clicking
on the empty folder.

On the server end, the only thing in the folder "perl"
is a bad symlink.  If I 'touch' what the symlink
is pointing to, I can delete the symlink.

How do I configure things so that I can delete this
symlinks from a WinNT client?

I have smbd 1.9.18p10 running on Solaris 2.6, 
client is WinNT 4.0 SP4

I have 'wide links = yes' set in my smb.conf.
No other symlink related settings.

I know that I can just delete the directories
on the UNIX end, but I was hoping that my WinNT
client could deal with these symlinks.



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