Small Linux Print Server

Paul Cochrane paulc at
Mon Nov 23 14:08:01 GMT 1998

> This is a bit off topic, however it's related to a samba based network...
> I've got a small network (10 users) running samba on a Linux box with a HP
> network printer. This is working so well, that the only network problems
> that I have are with printers other printers "shared" by Win 95. Therefore:
> I was planning to turn an old 486 with an 80M HDD into a print server,
> however the minimum redhat installation is 86MB!! Does anyone know of a
> small distribution to achieve this? The printer would be accessed via the
> main samba server, therefore it needs just enough to emulate an ethernet to
> parallel printer box.
> Regards,
> Andrew Dennison
> Engineering Manager - MoTeC Australia

Samba works great as a print server. I'm running an old 386 25MHz and it 
works flawlessly. I'd suggest buying a slightly bigger disk though. Print files 
can be relatively large and 80MB is a bit tight. It doesn't have to be huge - a 
couple of hundred Meg will do.

I've installed slackware before on an 80Mb disk. Gets difficult trying to compile 
programs though.

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