Small linux print server

Bill Eldridge bill at
Mon Nov 23 09:23:28 GMT 1998

> > I was planning to turn an old 486 with an 80M HDD into a print server,
> > however the minimum redhat installation is 86MB!! Does anyone know of
>  a
> > small distribution to achieve this? The printer would be accessed via
>  the
> > main samba server, therefore it needs just enough to emulate an
>  ethernet to
> > parallel printer box.

Check out the distributions list:

There are a few floppy installations that might be usable
as well, since you don't need any file system support -
configure the floppy install, format the harddrive, download
Samba, install & configure.  I couldn't find one floppy
based system from an Italian fellow - search on the Web
for "linux floppy" or something - and the Linux router
project may or may not provide the tools to make a print


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