Samba and dial-up networking

Bill Eldridge bill at
Mon Nov 23 03:57:34 GMT 1998

> WIn95 is capable of recieving some network-configuration for the
> ppp-interface from the server. This is e.g. the ip-address, dns-server
>  and
> also wins-server. I don't know if pppd supports supplying this data...
>  maybe
> there is a patch.. or maybe you just have to set up a dhcp-server (which
>  is
> definitly capable of supplying this data).

Yes, do "man pppd", there's a "ms-wins" parameter that
you set up in /etc/ppp/options.tty??? or wherever.  I'd
been using the "ms-dns" up to now, didn't know about WINS
support there, probably other interesting parameters to
pass as well.


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