Freebsd + NT

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Sat Nov 21 13:10:24 GMT 1998

> I am currently integrating Freebsd in a predominately NT network.  I am
> interested in using NT as a domain controller then using samba on the other
> servers.  I know that samba supports this and you can set security = server,
> but what I am also interested in is using the password list for the passwd
> file as well.  So in theory I would like to download the NT user and pass
> list much like NT's bdc (backup domain controller) does.  This may not be
> the correct mailing list to seek help on this subject but I thought it would
> be a start.  Any information would be helpful


AFAIK samba does not support this.. but:
some days (or weeks?) ago someone posted something about a linux/(unix?)
programm that can read&manipulate a nt-registry over the net... maybe one
could write a script that gets the user-information out of an nt-server this
way?. The passwords are another problem, they are stored encrypted on an
nt-server, so they can't be converted to linux-passwords - but maybe they
can be used for the smbpasswd file....?

                                     Hope this helps, Florian Pflug

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