Compile error 2.0.0beta1

Karl Bolingbroke karl.bolingbroke at
Sat Nov 21 00:27:40 GMT 1998

I'm having trouble compiling version 2.0.0beta1.  The compile aborts with
the following error:
Using LIBS = -lreadline -ldl  -lcrypt -lpam
Compiling smbd/server.c
Compiling smbd/files.c
/tmp/cca14570.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cca14570.s:2505: Error: Can't emit reloc {- *UND*-seg symbol
next"} @ file address 21056.
make: *** [smbd/files.o] Error 1
The machine is an HP Pentium 90.  It is running RedHat 5.2.  The Linux
kernel is version 2.0.36.  The gcc package is

Can anyone help me with this?  My background is primarily networking, so
the C error messages don't mean much to me.  Thanks for anything you can do.


Karl Bolingbroke
Flying J Inc.

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