Virus Scanner

Christian Perrier perrier at
Fri Nov 20 17:30:48 GMT 1998

Quoting Hammond, Justin (Justin_Hammond at
> Hi,
> Network associates sell Netshield for Linux, and other Un*x's that does just
> what you are after.
> it can be setup to scan only public directories for both Word/Excel virus's
> and the more common exe/com virus's
> The problem is that I am pretty sure its discontinued product, but you might
> be able to find a copy around somewhere

It's not really a discontinued product, afaik. It is still on NAI Product
List and DAT files are monthly updated.

The problem is : how can one achieve a behaviour similar to NAI Netshield on
Windoze NT server where all accessed files are scanned as soon as they are

Netshield for Linux does just virus scanning on demand. But maybe some
sophisticated setup would do the job...

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