User verification problem using password = server [2.0.0beta1]

Anthony David adavid at
Fri Nov 20 13:24:54 GMT 1998

Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:55:33 -0200
From: Carlos Henrique <chenriq at>

>David.Anthony (David.Anthony at wrote:
>> Greetings
>> Having fun with Samba 2.0beta1 and security = server
>> Is there something missing in my config?
>Was your samba server included in NT PDC DOM?

That has never been a specific requirement in the past.


I received a private mail from the Samba team suggesting I remove
the domain (DNS) name from the password server and keep the
NetBIOS name only. The problem went away. We will see what happens
in the next Samba release.


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