can not access samba shares and printer

Michael michael at
Fri Nov 20 08:15:35 GMT 1998

I have installed samba on two different linux boxes that have identical os

one system has only win95 and wfwg. All works perfect

second system has only NT4.0

I can attach and use the 'public' guest ok= yes shares just fine
the 'homes' shares and printers are visible.

when I try to attach to a homes share of userxx by machine name userxx I 
get the same old 'access denied' error mentioned many times in the 
archives telling me that my work station is not allowed access. With the 
printer, I get a message telling me that I am not allowed access. 

I figure there is probably a problem with homes and the nt encrypted 
passwords, but the printer is a public share.

HELP, I've spent hours trying to get this system to run

samba 18-7


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