Samba and dial-up networking

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Thu Nov 19 09:20:00 GMT 1998

> > Problem:
> > Samba is installed on Linux Slackware.
> > Linux box can see Windows 95 clients.
> > Windows 95 boxes can see the Linux box via explorer, network neighbor
> >  hood, etc.
> > 
> > What I am trying to do is when an authorized user dials into the Linux
> >  box running Samba via a modem. Be able to view his computer or the
> >  workgroup using his Win 95 explorer. Currently all you can see is the
> >  Linux shared dir when using Win 95 explorer from the dial up account
> >  running PPP.
> Easiest way is to set up a WINS machine on the net,
> and have your dial-in client point to the WINS server.
> May want an LMHOSTS file to add information about
> the Domain controller if you're using Windows Domain
> stuff.
WIn95 is capable of recieving some network-configuration for the
ppp-interface from the server. This is e.g. the ip-address, dns-server and
also wins-server. I don't know if pppd supports supplying this data... maybe
there is a patch.. or maybe you just have to set up a dhcp-server (which is
definitly capable of supplying this data).

                                        Greetings, FLorian

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